Luncheon with Composer Nick Glennie-Smith

April 6, 2014

Wednesday, May 14 – 11:30am ASMAC  Luncheon – Composer Nick Glennie-Smith

Nick Glennie-Smith, film composer for movies such as “The Man in the Iron Mask”, “The Rock”, “We Were Soldiers”, “The Lion King 2”, “Home Alone 3”,  the score for the Disney animated film “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride,”  and many more. Glennie-Smith is also known as the master composer of the music in the French theme park le Puy du Fou.  He had a brief collaboration with Roger Waters – first on the 1986 film “When the Wind Blows,” then some keyboard overdubbing for Waters’ 1987 Radio K.A.O.S. album (namely the song “The Powers that Be”), and finally – performing at the legendary 1990 “The Wall Live in Berlin” concert as a keyboardist alongside Peter Wood.