Dave Black Luncheon

April 28, 2016

The ASMAC luncheon event on April 20 featured Dave Black, with Alfred Music Publishers, one of the major distributers of music books and printed music. Dave was introduced by ASMAC Board member Elliot Deutsch, a busy composer and conductor himself.  In addition to holding the Alfred Music position of Senior Vice President, Dave is an active composer, arranger, author and percussionist.


Dave’s presentation was very interesting to his audience, since ASMAC is made up primarily of music composers and arrangers, many of whom are endeavoring to increase the exposure of their work. He outlined a number of subjects including how composers could and should submit their pieces for publication and the state of business in the field; how it is affected by the digital world; and the pros and cons of self-publishing. Dave recommended submitting both by email and by hard copy, subject to who you’re submitting it to.  He elaborated on how at times he’ll receive something in the Los Angeles office which he’ll refer to their European office if it’s a better fit. Also, that occasionally they’ll turn away a good project simply because they already of too many of that ‘type’ in  house.

Dave left time for numerous questions and comments. The attendees had questions on a lot of topics, incorporating various aspects of the music publishing business, including many that Dave had not initially addressed. He was very open to questions ongoing and even extended the offer to guests to email him with questions as they come up. Dave had a wonderful manner and clarity in both his presentation and the question/answer period, and it was truly an informative experience for all who attended.

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