Nathan Wang Luncheon

December 16, 2016

Composer, pianist Nathan Wang was featured at ASMAC’s October 19th, 2016  luncheon with moderator pianist Mike Lang at Catalina’s Jazz Club in Hollywood CA.

Nathan spoke passionately about his life in music starting as a child prodigy pianist to his college days in Europe. Fast forward to being a lounge pianist in Hollywood and how that segued into a successful television career.

Continuing with his extensive musical theater career and love for collaboration with writers and producers, how Chinese film and TV production compares to American productions, and working in Hollywood and China as a film composer with some great advice for aspiring composers.

Nathan also discussed his concert music composing career and the audience was treated to a masterful piano trio performance with violinist Shelly Ren and cellist Judy Kang. This was a very exciting event for ASMAC and for those who were in attendance. Now available on video for ASMAC members.