Big Brass Night

27 December 2016
ASMAC’s First WEDNESDAYS presented Ross deRoche and Les Benedict Dec. 7th at Local 47 which gave the audience deep insight of life in the low brass section. A plethora of low brass instruments were engaged including various trombones, euphonium, tubas and cimbasso. Attendees were treated to performances with the various sounds and combinations of the instruments including discussion of many technical aspects pertinent to arrangers, orchestrators and composers. Les and Ross interacted throughout the evening with the audience and solved several low brass mysteries as they answered questions along the way. Pianist Ben Mason provided fantastic accompaniment throughout the evening.  ASMAC’s thanks to Ross and Les for such an informative and entertaining evening.
Some social hang time was accented with wine, cheese, tea, cookies and more. A fun time was had by all.
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