FIRST Thursdays featuring Erin M. Jacobson

5 February 2019

Make Your Legacy Catalogue Sing:
How to Increase Your Income, Reclaim Your Rights, and Plan for the Future
By: Erin M. Jacobson, Esq.

LA Valley College
February 7, 2019
7:00 pm –  Check-In & Meet and Greet
7:30 pm – Program

Join Erin M. Jacobson, known as “The Music Industry Lawyer”, on February 7, 2019, as she shares her experience with assessing the state of older catalogues, reclaiming ownership of copyrights, and revitalizing catalogue activity and income in today’s music marketplace.

Many older music catalogues have seemingly been forgotten; their earnings are paltry, and the legacy of the songwriter is only a dim melody in the distance. However, these neglected gems can have bright futures.

This is an essential presentation for all legacy artists and songwriters, as well as their heirs, to learn how to take back control of their catalogue, recharge and sustain its income earning potential, and maintain the legacy of the music now and forever.


Erin M. Jacobson is a practicing attorney, experienced deal negotiator, and a seasoned advisor of intellectual property rights who protects musicians, songwriters, music publishers, and a wide variety of other music and entertainment professionals.

Ms. Jacobson’s clients include Grammy and Emmy Award winners, legacy artists and catalogues, heirs and estates, and independent artists and companies. Ms. Jacobson regularly handles all types of agreements within the music industry, with an emphasis on music publishing and licensing. Click here for more info about Ms. Jacobson!

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