ASMAC Presents a Master Class with Bruce Healey Composer/Arranger/Producer

9 May 2019

“Producing Music for Live Entertainment at
Disney Theme Park & Multi-Media Events”

moderated by Gordon Goodwin

Rancho Cordillero del Norte – Saturday, May 18, 2019
10:30 am – Check-In, Refreshments & Meet-Up
11:00 am – 2:00 pm – Presentation

Rancho Cordillero del Norte
9015 Wilbur Ave.
Northridge CA 91324



Brief history in music and at Disney


What is a music producer and what makes a good one?
“Think globally, act locally” is my front of mind thought
Have a reason for any given creative choice
Be a great sounding board and creative partner
Take responsibility and be honest
The Disney approach — The 4 keys – Safety, Courtesy, Efficiency, Show
Who is the audience?
Themed Lands — how strongly do you adhere to a “theme”?
Every show should be a gem no matter how large or small

Pre-recorded show production — complete soundtracks with integrated sound design.

1972 — The Main Street Electrical Parade changed it all for recorded parades Synchronized audio on floats and in-house speakers enabled “moving stages” Parades — The Lion King Parade, A Christmas Fantasy, Fantillusion, The World According to Goofy, Parade of the Stars, Parade of Dreams, Soundsational Parade Spectaculars — Multimedia shows, Fantasmic!, fireworks, projection shows like World of Color

Maintaining standards and Synergy

Custodian of the Disney brand as well as artistic quality
Mature music versus new music

Attraction Soundtracks

It’s A Small World Holiday, Haunted Mansion Holiday

Production for live performance groups

There has to be a strong underlying and unifying concept — Red Car Newsboys, Five and Dime, Pixarmonic Orchestra, The Disneyland Band, The Pearlie Band, Mad Tea Party

Special Events

Live music support for shows like Environmentality Awards, Service Awards, Pocahontas Premiere in Central Park, El Capitan Theatre shows and other promotional events

Special BGM Programs


Wrap up

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