ASMAC Video-on-Demand Masterclass Series

12 September 2020

Featuring streaming and downloadable videos of masterclasses presented by music industry experts, these classes were recorded live at ASMAC’s monumental sessions before audiences of professional colleagues and students.

ASMAC masterclasses offer a rare opportunity to learn from these contemporary masters of arranging, orchestration, and composition. Artists such as Bill Homan, Kim Richmond, Bob Mintzer, Chris Walden, Ladd MacIntosh, Gordon Goodwin, Christopher Young, Johnny Mandel, Sammy Nestico, Tim Simonec, and Conrad Pope generously share their unique approaches, techniques, and advice, and thereby not only deepen our appreciation of their individual genius and creativity but reveal the challenges and triumphs of being an artist in our time.

New videos will be added on a bi-weekly basis.

The ASMAC Video-on-Demand Masterclass Series offers options to rent or buy selected videos. If you RENT a video, there is a  72-hours streaming period that will start once your transaction is complete. If you BUY a video, you will have access to unlimited Streaming.

Proceeds from these digital downloads benefit ASMAC educational endeavors and will fund the post-production of all ASMAC, in addition to numerous other videos in our archival vault.


Upcoming Events

Composer-Dir. Relationship—Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan—Nicholas Meyer

Composer-Dir. Relationship—Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan—Nicholas Meyer

The composer-director relationship of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Featuring director Nicholas Meyer & the iconic score of James Horner.Read More »
ASMAC Brass Workshop

ASMAC Brass Workshop

Brass Workshop on writing for brass including a quintet for demonstration of techniques. Ross deRoche leading the workshop. Tim Williams moderating.Read More »