Black and white headshot photo of Jeff Kellem.

Jeff Kellem

ASMAC Executive Board 2nd Vice President

Jeff Kellem (ASCAP) is a pianist/keyboardist, composer, arranger, and orchestrator with a background in analog synthesis, composition, classical, jazz, and electronic music. In the 1980s, he helped build a new electronic music studio to supplement tape splicing and the ARP 2500 & 2600s at Boston University. He played keys with groovy funk rock (now trip-hop) band Z.O.N.K. in its early days in San Francisco, California and was part of the mid-1990s Boston music scene.

Jeff is also a typeface designer (music notation & text fonts), dancer, choreographer, concert photographer, music/composition/dance coach, system architect, and researcher. He has performed around the world; some favorite performance cities include Prague, Paris, Moscow, Asheville, and Boston. He continues to guest perform with vintage and swing dance troupes.

Composition coaching sessions—providing a sounding board—have also been a salve over the past few years, in addition to the ASMAC events.

Jeff is a voting member of the Recording Academy (NARAS), supporter of The AWFC (Alliance for Women Film Composers), among other organizations.

Snippet of Jeff’s Background.

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