Jeff Lass
Board of Directors


Music Writer, Arranger, Pianist and Performer — For The Movie ‘Dick Tracy’ (1990), Jeff Co-Wrote ‘Now I’m Following You’ sung by Madonna on her Platinum album “Breathless” in addition to other songs on an album titled “Dick Tracy” sung by Ice-T, Patti Austin, Darlene Love And Brenda Lee.

For the movie ‘Rage In Harlem’ he co-wrote “Sugar Daddy Blue” sung by Laverne Baker. With Joey Travolta, he co-wrote and arranged “Locked Inside Of Me” a song which has become an anthem for the Autism community sung by Taylor Dayne.

Jeff has also scored 15 be-low budget movies starring Tyne Dale, Ed Begley Jr., George Clooney, James Russo, Michael Madsen, Gary Busey, Brian Austin Green, Jeff Fahey, Vanity, Shannon Tweed, Dianne Sallinger, David Paymer, Lee Majors, Reginald Vel Johnson, David Carradine, and Daniel Baldwin. He also scored the PBS series “Voyage Of The Mimi”, 5 years of “Discover The World Of Science” and many “Novas”.

Jeff has produced, co-written and arranged many small album projects with artists including David Somerville (‘The Four Diamonds’), Sally Kellerman, Corky Hale, Kelly Lydell, Ryan Souza, and Rachel Hutchenson.

He has also recorded and/or performed with Sally Kellerman, Paul Williams, Lamont Dozier, Corky Hale, Laverne Baker, Taylor Dayne, Pattie Austin, Pattie Smith, David Somerville, Ice-T, Linda Hopkins, Brenda Lee, John Raitt, Mimi Farina, Jeff Baxter, Sid Sharp, Jimmy Haskell, Abraham Laboriel, Paul Jackson Jr., Rudy Vallee, Alan Cumming and more.