Evita Wagner
Board of Directors

Hailing from the beautiful town of Warstein, Germany, Evita started playing piano age 5 and was, by the age of 13, the informal rehearsal accompanist at the local music school’s musical theatre workshop. At age 16, she became an organist at her hometown’s church.

Deciding to complement her background in music with the necessary knowledge and skills in textual and film analysis before embarking on a professional film music career, Evita graduated from Bonn University in Interdisciplinary American Studies with an MA thesis on popular film and how narrative choices in these films shape interactive tie-in products such as video games and subsequent DVD releases, while minoring in Economics and Public Law.

In 2005, Evita moved to Los Angeles where subtitling giant SDI Media soon hired her as a German subtitle editor to work on Academy Award and Golden Globe winners and blockbusters alike, as well as Emmy-winning television productions and video game translations, while also programming and publishing “Siremic B”, a programmable MIDI-over-WiFi control surface solution for the iPad.

Never quite losing sight of her original goal of composing original music, in 2016 Evita graduated from UCLA Extension’s Film Scoring program, where she has composed and/or arranged numerous tracks recorded with live musicians and on the computer. She has since interned with Henry Jackman and Hans Zimmer, composed and orchestrated for films, acted as an assistant music supervisor for TV, video-documented and volunteered on ASMAC events and written about music for the German-speaking market of a Fortune 500 tech company.