As of 2020 the role and impact of the arranger to music is still not fully understood by the general public– and some musicians as well- even when its impact and contribution has been key to the development of popular music in the past 100 years. Given ASMAC’s mission and purpose as well as the need to educate the general public and musicians, ASMAC is taking a leading role in disseminating and educating audiences by means of a sound educational/community outreach program.


ASMAC seeks to educate new audiences on the role and impact of the music arranger and composer by presenting a series of talks at educational institutions ranging from middle and high schools to universities and community colleges.


ASMAC provides active music professionals who will deliver a Powerpoint presentation to universities, colleges and schools. The presentation is at least 15 minutes long and shows the roles, differences, and commonalities encountered in the music careers of the music arranger, composer, songwriter, orchestrator and music producer, as well as defining all the elements of music used by these music professionals to accomplish their duties. The Powerpoint presentation is enhanced with music examples as well as personal insights of the ASMAC presenter.

First Presentation

On Monday, November 19, 2019, ASMAC produced its first educational and community outreach activity at the Lincoln Heights Youth Arts Center (LHYAC). The event was sponsored by Norka Regalado from Rudy Regalado Foundation and embraced by Angelica Loa Perez from LHYAC. Young music students and their parents were exposed to the different careers in the music industry through a lecture and a demonstration. Participant Board members included Gayle Levant, Raymond Torres-Santos (chair), Bruce Healey, Ira Hearshen, Bonnie Janofsky and Milton Nelson as well as film composer Nathan Wang, who talked about his score for the new film, "Playing with Fire". All attendees were so satisfied and excited that they asked our organization to sponsor other similar presentations at the Center and other similar educational institutions.

NAMM Presentation

On January 18, 2020, ASMAC presented the topic, Music Arranging in the 21st Century, at the Music Educator Showcases as part of the 2020 NAMM Show.

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If you want ASMAC to give a presentation at your educational institution, please contact us.