Embracing Music Technology Pt. 1

Wednesday, 7 June 2017 — Duration: 1:11:10

ASMAC’s June 7, 2017 First WEDNESDAYS event, Embracing Technology features Mike Julian, Marco Monahan and Alan Gardina. They present an in depth demonstration of methods to make great demos with the use of notation programs, iReal Pro, Band in the Box and Pro Tools or other digital audio workstations.. ASMAC also honored the decades of Mike Julian’s dedication to helping with ASMAC master class production as he retires from Los Angeles Valley College has the Director of the Commercial Music Program. Mike touched on some interesting concepts of using a QR reader in combination with his very informative educational books. Troy Manning and James Good from Vintage King Pro Audio Outfitter, Los Angeles were available to talk about the most current gear and technology. Sylvester Rivers provides fantastic introductions and shared information about upcoming ASMAC events.

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ASMAC presents Channel Surfers: Writing for Television

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