Engineer’s Round Table

March 13, 2017

There was something for everybody at ASMAC’s First WEDNESDAYS Engineer Round Table with Al Schmitt, Joel Iwataki and Tommy Vicari, elegantly hosted by Gayle Levant. The event took place on March 1, 2017 at Musician’s Local 47 in Hollywood.

3 hours passed by like 3 minutes as a captivated audience sat at the edge of their seats absorbing a multi terabyte load of technical, creative and historic information from this all-star legendary line up.

For those with no music or engineering experience there were some great stories and historic reference to recording with some of the greatest artists of all time. For the arranger and composer there were techniques discussed for achieving the best results in the recording studio. For the engineer there was a boat-load of tech head information from microphones, room setup to plugins. Even the panelists were asking each other questions about technique and procedure.

This was a well-attended, interactive and informative event. Please check the members only video page for a full event replay that is one for the history books.

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