Scott Healy Master Class

September 27, 2017

Creative freedom to write from your inner self, freedom from structured time and harmonic boundaries was the general theme of Scott Healy’s ASMAC master class held Saturday September 23rd, 2017 at Evergreen Scoring Stage in Burbank CA.

Scott, as seen on TV five nights a week playing keyboard with the Conan O’Brien Show band on TBS, was live in person sharing his masterful approach to composition that is free from boundaries but organized to reflect the composer’s true vision. He explained how to be free to express the music you hear rather than what fits best on a piece of four- bar score paper or music restrained by too many rules. The audience, which included legendary arrangers, composers, studio musicians and students was treated to advanced score study as well as listening to Scott’s incredible compositions and arrangements focused on larger jazz ensembles.

For those who missed this incredible experience, a video will be available soon. Watch the ASMAC store for new video arrivals as well as a great collection from past events.

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