ASMAC April 4 Music Prep event review

April 12, 2019

Liz Finch led an expert panel of music copyists and engravers at L.A. Valley College on Thursday evening April 4th, 2019.

Jeremy Borum demonstrated his efficient and quick method of converting midi to usable score notation.

Wayne Kiser followed with a presentation on the intricacies of music preparation for traditional classical orchestras.

During the intermission, Caryn Rasmussen assisted with technical questions about notation programs Sibelius and Finale.

A display table for attendees included several of the best notation reference books, some fantastic score examples and a music typewriter from Wayne Kiser’s early years as a music engraver.

Following the break, Ryan Beard discussed the detailed science of preparing notation for publication, as well as his work at the Kjos Music Company.

Liz summed up the evening with the history and practicality of Hollywood studio notation followed by Q & A from the audience.

Impromptu guest speakers Bruce Healey and Ross DeRoche added invaluable wisdom to the conversation.

ASMAC’s president, Gayle Levant wrapped up the evening discussing the importance of the art of music preparation from a player’s prospective including some valuable harp notation tips.

This was an incredible evening for all those who attended!

Check the ASMAC member’s only video section of our website for a video of this event and other classic events.

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