ASMAC Board Member Sylvester Rivers talks with Jackson High School Students

29 November 2023

Sylvester Rivers on a projection screen via Zoom. High school music room with tubas along the wall and students watching the screen.

Earlier in November 2023, ASMAC Board member and composer, arranger, producer, pianist Sylvester Rivers talked with students in the Advanced Music and Composition class at the Jackson High School Music Department, Massillon, Ohio, USA. Sylvester shared about pop arranging, tips for working in the music industry, and encouragement.

Teacher and host Michele Monigold wrote ASMAC about the event:

Sylvester was FANTASTIC!  I truly appreciate the wonderful advice he gave our students, how professional he was when planning the event and while speaking with them, and how sincere he was about truly wanting to help young musicians.

I simply can’t say enough about this process and I appreciate what you [ASMAC] are doing for music education.

I believe that outreach like this is vital.

Here’s what Sylvester wrote:

It was my pleasure to be interviewed by the music students of Jackson High School in Ohio. It’s always great to meet and interact with next generation of young musicians.

Pursuant to a call to ASMAC from Jackson High School for an interview with a professional pop music arranger, I agreed to the event. It was done via Zoom for the entire class. I was interviewed by Ashley Scaife, the student interviewer; Mrs. Michele Monigold, the music teacher; and the entire class. The students were very sharp and inquisitive; their teacher, Mrs. Monigold provided great insight and leadership. The time went by much too quickly but it was a positive affair and I was glad to participate.

I firmly believe that is critically important that all of us with experience and any measure of success share our knowledge with younger musicians to assist in their progress, in particular, and to further the advancement of music, in general.

ASMAC believes that outreach is vital, also. Sylvester organizes and hosts the ASMAC (American Society of Music Arrangers) Masterclass Series. ASMAC members are able to watch past event videos. Here are videos of some events that Sylvester has hosted.

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