Bernard Herrmann: The Life and Times Part 1

Saturday, 1 May 2021 — Duration: 3:19:34

ASMAC presents:
The Life and Times of
Bernard Herrmann Part 1
May 1, 2021

Steven C. Smith

Paul Hirsch, Michael McGehee, William Stromberg

The screeching violins of PSYCHO’s shower murder. The seductive musical whirlpool of VERTIGO. The haunting solo sax that defines Travis Bickle’s TAXI DRIVER. These sounds could only come from the dark genius of Bernard Herrmann—a composer whose explosive personality was matched by intense sensitivity, a compassion for outsiders, and a matchless gift for “getting inside the drama.”

Join us on May 1st and June 5 as we explore the tumultuous music and life of the Oscar-winning composer’s career, from his pioneering early work with Orson Welles on CITIZEN KANE, to his triumphs with Alfred Hitchcock, to his career-capping work with Martin Scorsese. Hosted by Herrmann biographer Steven C. Smith, the event will include rare Herrmann interviews, and commentary from William T. Stromberg, Oscar-winning editor Paul Hirsch, and conductor Michael McGehee.

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